I’ve always appreciated how much James cares about the user’s experience.

It’s more than just a popular buzzword for him; in redesigning the ExpressionEngine interface, I saw him research and carefully consider the user’s goals, always balancing the march of improvement with the deeply embedded usage patterns of our existing user base.

Kevin Smith Senior Software Engineer at AxisCare

James has an incredible work ethic. He’ll set himself to doing the task and do it well.

In addition, I thought I knew HTML and CSS before meeting James, now I know that simply wasn’t true. He can create beautiful, well thought-out solutions that others simply don’t see. All of this happens with his fantastic taste and focus on the user’s experience.

Wes Baker Senior Software Engineer at Instructure

James went far and above what we ever expected. Extremely talented, organized, and reliable.

We felt very comfortable giving James free reign on tough usability questions and subjective visual decisions; even on details as small as icons he came through and delivered a great product.

Entertainingly for the rest of us, if anyone complimented us on our company’s product, it was more likely going to be about how clean and beautiful james’ design was than anything else. It just looked better than anything out there.

Highly recommended. A great asset.

Matt Oesterle Co-Founder and VP of Product at Callisto Media

James knows web design and development inside and out.

His high level of technical expertise, keen sense of design and his fun, personable and professional nature make James a joy to work with.

Mike Rohde Principal UX Designer at Johnson Controls

James is one of the most polite, efficient and professional designers out there. He is also worth every penny that he charges. Probably worth more in fact.

Highly recognized and recommended for his talents and skill.

Suleiman Leadbitter Lead front end design, project manager at Suljam

James re-designed my blog from the ground up and got everything set up with Wordpress. James completed the project quickly and it looks awesome!

Also, he was available for any questions after the project and always responded to my emails in a timely manner.

I highly recommend James and will likely work with him again in the future.

Brandon Milford Sr Director of Revenue Marketing at LogicNow

James is passionate about design and has great aesthetic sensibilities.

Coupled with his front-end architecture skills, reliability, and general-good nature, he’s a one of a kind designer and was integral to the results we created at involver. I would hire him again, many times over.

Rahmin Sarabi Head of People and Culture at Opendoor

I thought I was creative person until James Mathias walked in our office door. James is one of a kind, he can design, illustrate, code, and think strategically.

His passion for doing things right is infectious. During our time together at Paramore|Redd, James constructed an excellent CSS library for our team to use. It increased our efficiency as a team and allowed us to all code with consistency.

Let James loose on your project and you won’t be disappointed.

Joel Steidl Lead Architect at Aten Design Group

James always demonstrates a high degree of expertise in website design and development- in particular, with his expertise in coding.

He is always a sensitive teacher who enjoys sharing his knowledge. His working style is always open and inviting and he is always more than willingly to give the time it takes to a job well and correctly. James is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious.

I certainly would recommend him.

Kate Gallagher Digital marketing strategist at [K8] Digital

James is one of a kind. One of the few that has mastered both design and development, James can deliver what typically would require an entire team to achieve.

He has an incredible amount of creative energy that manifests itself in several ways. The first is in the rich, aesthetic designs he can produce in record time. He is a master of the tiniest details. The second is in the elegant way he writes code.

There is definitely an art to developing websites that few people grasp and no one understands this more than James. The third is in the spirit and charisma he brings to any team. He keeps everything interesting and everyone laughing. His talent and passion are an invaluable asset and I would be thrilled to work with James again in the future.

Brad Haynes Product & Design at Lonely Planet

James is a big idea guy combined with some fantastic design skills.

He’s fueled by passion and has the chops to make any task come to life in the world of web design.

Steve Chandler Owner and Brand Strategist at Chandlerthinks

James does the work of two people.

He’s one of the best creative talents and developers in the US. Maybe in the world. I miss him.

Hannah Paramore Owner at Paramore | the digital agency

I’ve had the pleasure of working with James at Paramore|Redd and beyond.

There are so many positive things to say, it’s hard to single anything in particular out. However, perhaps the most impressive point about James is his willingness to seek out the best possible solution and true collaboration.

James writes incredibly clean code, is a master of efficiency and a magician of design. I continue to harass him to partake in my personal and business projects regardless of his physical location

Aimee Romero Founder at Love and Science