Choc PSF


Choc PSF wanted to build a website for their organization that would function as a brochure for their practice, and a way to view profiles and contact their physicians. Secondarily they wanted an event calendar, a place to organize, store and distribute research by and related to their physicians. Lastly they wanted a family friendly design aesthetic for the website.


The main challenge for this project was the physician’s directory. I built it out so that each physician had their own profile page that was linked to from a physician overview, with search and sort functionality. Each profile page included a biography, headshot, and contact information (including a google map to their location). Additionally each page pulled in any research, articles, or other documentation the physician was involved with or wrote.

For the design I went with a playful color scheme to match the supplied teddy bear logo brand.

For this project, I practiced UX Design (research, and wireframes), UI Design, HTML/CSS/Javascript and ExpressionEngine CMS integration. Additionally I co-managed the project from discovery to launch.

Version 1.0 launched in 2010 for Onelotus (Client work)

Practiced: JS, CSS, HTML, UX, UI, Visual