The EllisLab company website needed to scale back from being a single website for all products and services. The end goal was to have a landing page, and a few small informational interior pages.

The website was formally hundreds of pages, the main problem to solve was how to distill hundreds of pages into just the key information, and building a home/landing page that could help funnel their customers into the new product websites and the social media platforms where EllisLab engages with their customers.


For this project I reviewed the existing website with the client, and together we determined what would need to be moved to another site, what could stay on EllisLab, and where we wanted to guide folks when they visited the new site looking for old, or specific content.

I took this information and began redesigning the site from scratch. I presented a refined homepage that says Who EllisLab is, What they do, and where you can find them. In addition I presented an interior page design that could house any about us, contact, and legal information needed for the company to have handy for visitors.

For this project, I practiced UX Design (research, wireframes, and user journeys), UI Design, HTML/CSS/Javascript and ExpressionEngine CMS integration. Additionally I managed the project from discovery to launch.

Version 1.0 launched in 2017 for EllisLab Corp (In house)

Practiced: JS, CSS, HTML, UX, UI, Visual